"Come and listen…and I will tell you what He did for me." Ps.66:16

Fixin’ To . . .

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl!  Unknown.

Born. Bred.  And raised in the great state of Texas for the first 27 years of my life!  Not only Texas – but East Texas!

Not sure if you know a lot about Texans, but we are a proud bunch of folks!  And East Texans are even a prouder bunch. Don’t know how we got that way – but it’s like we all exited our momma’s bellies with this unbelievable amount of pride in our hearts all wrapped around Texas; being born in Texas; and Texas’ amazing heritage.

And not only are we a proud bunch, we also have our own slang words to go with our Texas drawl.   (One syllable words become two; two syllable words become three and let’s just say three syllable words – well they seem to roll on forever!).  And most think we talk a little bit on the slow side.  And we are okay with that – we own it – we are proud of it!

“Fixin’ to” is my favorite Texas word!  For my non-Texan friends “fixin’ to” implies that you are getting ready to do something such as;

  • I’m “fixin’ to” cook supper – usually something fried.fixnto
  • I’m “fixin’ to” mow the grass – not cut the lawn.
  • I’m “fixin’ to” go the grocery store – not the supermarket.
  • I’m “fixin’ to” grab a buggy at the grocery store – not a shopping cart.
  • I’m “fixin’ to” spend some time with God – yes, that would be me grabbing my Bible, opening my Bible, reading my Bible, having  a little one-on-one chat with God and maybe journal a tad bit – known by most as quiet time.

But there is a small problem with the word “fixin’ to”.  “Fixin’ to” unfortunately, can also imply that whatever it is that I am about to do may not actually get done. There have been times and are times when I haven’t fixed  my eyes  on Jesus, as we are told to do in Hebrews 12:2, “Let us FIX our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith”.

Trust me, I can give you excuse after excuse as to why I didn’t and why I don’t follow through with my “fixin’ to” spend time with God statement.  Too many to count.  I can blame work.  I can blame others.  I can blame my feelings.  I can blame my health.   I can blame just about anything you want to name – but the truth is –   there are times when I just don’t make it a priority.  No one to blame but myself!

So won’t you join me in trading that last “fixin’ to” statement into a “FIX” statement?  FIX these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your forehead.” (Deut. 11: 18) – knowing that the only way we can fix His words into our hearts and minds is to read and study His Word.  No excuses!

Father God,  thank You for loving us like no other!  Thank you for desiring to have one-on-one conversations with us.  Cause us to FIX our eyes on You and Your Word.  Change our “fixin’ to’s” into FIXES with our hearts and eyes focused on You.  Cause us to also not only be reader’s of Your Word, but also doers of Your Word.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

If y’all are stopping by from Tell His Story, welcome and hope y’all come back soon! And much thanks to Jennifer Dukes Lee for hosting this link up party.


Comments on: "Fixin’ To . . ." (12)

  1. This was quite delightful to read…and so true 🙂

  2. Look at all those fixin’s! I like the way you Texans think. 😉

    • Thanks Jennifer …. I got a little carried away with this one. And so sorry it’s wasn’t lenten based. I just try to write God places on my heart with the limited amount of time I have ….I need to focus more on your Lenten request and will see what God can give me for it! Thanks for all that you do! Can’t wait to hear more Haiti stories from you and your daughter!

  3. Live this so much.
    BTW I’m fixing to be on your neck of the woods this Saturday.

  4. Donna, my Texas sister, I ABSOLUTELY loved this!!! You are so creative. Never before have I thought about “fixin” to meaning plan to do it but might not do it!! And then how you brought in the Word and how God tells us to “Fix,” meaning do it now, no waiting around…no “fixin to” do it. Thank you for this great post today.

    Love you,


    • Wendy, this post has been on my heart since She Speaks when I heard Luann Prater speak at the pre-conference. It’s just taken this long to get it out …. and I love what you said about doing it now! I’ve got another post rolling around my brain too about doing it now and fix. Just need to put it in print too! Thank you for always always encouraging me!

      Love ya!

  5. Born and bred Texan here, and I’m fixin’ to confess!! GUILTY!! Yes, I’m guilty of the same thing…allowing my fixin’ to never make it to finished! Good intentions do not always make for good results! I’m all about rewriting my fixin’ to FIX! Let’s FIX our eyes and get IN His word! Great post Donna! Thank you for sharing! From one Texas God Girl to another!
    Love ya!

  6. Cindy Wiens said:

    I really enjoyed your blog, straight from your heart to mine! Love ya! Cindy

  7. Love this Donna. Thanks for keeping your eye on it. Appreciate you my friend.

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