"Come and listen…and I will tell you what He did for me." Ps.66:16

The Stained List . . .

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” (Psalm 5:3, NIV)

As I sat in my office glaring at my computer this afternoon as I so desperately tried to focus on sales numbers, sales reports, variance reports and other work related “stuff”, I caught a glimpse of a Bible hidden and tucked away on my bookshelf – not just any ordinary Bible, but the one I received from my church when I graduated high school. (And yep, it’s old and worn, so worn that the insides have totally separated away from the cover and no, you can’t guess how old.) Let’s just say old and leave it at that!

As I thumbed through it, this yellow stained piece of legal paper folded into four quarters with some not so lovely pink handwriting on it fell to the ground.  As I opened the paper, I realized it had a date penned on it of 11/13/99 with the following scratched underneath it – Women of Faith Conference.  (And no, I can only dream of graduating high school in 1999.)

And it was titled – Prayer for Me.  It was a list of prayers that I had scribbled out during my first ever Women of Faith Conference in Kansas City! And I have no recollection of where the brown stain came from – I’m sure due to my clumsiness along the way and my love of coke products had something to do with it! I can’t remember which speaker challenged me with the list and I’m thinking maybe it was even God who prompted it.  I just can’t remember.

So here’s the scribbled list:

1)       Cause me to be what you want me to be

2)      Fill me with your grace so that I can act as a child of yours

3)      Change my heart to be like Christ’s

4)      Cause me to be the same person in public as in private

5)      Help me to seek you first

6)      Help me not to neglect prayer

7)      Are my motives pure?  Give me pure motives

8)      Reveal your will to me for me

9)      Help me to persevere in my prayers

10)   Help me to abandon myself to you

11)    Help me to become intimately with you

12)   Help me to fall in love with you, Jesus

13)   Heal the bruises of my heart

14)   Help me to live with open hands with you – to give you more of me

15)   Make me aware – help me to confess

16)   Make me transparent

17)   Reveal to me what pleases you

18)   Reveal to me my weaknesses in you

19)   Make me a concerned stranger

20)  Shine your word on my life

21)   Use me as an instrument of your holiness

22)   Make me a faithful steward of my resources, my time, my gifts & talents.

23)   Make me generous

24)   Use me as an instrument of your peace and righteousness

As I look back over the 13 year old list, I am amazed at how well the list still reflects the desires of my heart – add and take away one or two here and there.  The big one to add would be for Jesus to teach me to love and serve others well – to love and serve others through His eyes and His heart.  In short, give me a heart like yours.

So in closing, my prayer is this:

Lord, take this list and renew it in my mind and heart.  Cause me to still seek and thirst after you. Cause me to love others and myself as you see and love us.   In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Comments on: "The Stained List . . ." (5)

  1. Donna thank you so much for sharing this! I think i will also adopt this list for myself as all of those things could apply to my life as well. I would add to my list a # 25 Make me gentle like you. I need to work on my gentle and longsuffering spirit, a lot. This will be my goal now and for the coming year to be more consistent in my prayer life not only for others but for myself as well.

  2. Donna,

    It just goes to show that even a list can make a beautiful prayers.

    Bless you heart,

  3. As I read each prayer on your list, I can see that God has answered your prayers. You are a blessing to so many people, and I am one of them. Love ya!

  4. Deanne Garrison said:

    Blessed to read your post, Donna. Your prayer reflects my heart’s desire as well. I stand with you before the Father.

  5. Donna, what an amazing gift the Lord gave you that day. And, sweet friend, may I just remind you that He has answered many of those prayers. I have been the beneficiary of those answered prayers!! 🙂 God is definitely doing a great work in your heart, and I encourage you to continue writing and sharing what you have learned. It is such a blessing!!!

    Love you,

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