"Come and listen…and I will tell you what He did for me." Ps.66:16

Excited,  a little weirded out, and a whole lot of  thankful today!

Excited for my first devotion to be published by Proverbs 31 Ministries. 

Excited to be guest blogging for Renee Swope.

Weirded out to see my name in digital print on Proverbs 31 Ministries website!  A whole lot of weirded out!!

Mega thankful for my amazing friends at Proverbs 31 Ministries who invest in my life and my walk with Jesus.  God has blessed me with some amazing Jesus sisters who believed in me when I didn’t….from a rear view mirror conversation with Melissa Taylor …to several hours of counseling sessions with Stephanie Clayton ….to many mentoring moments with Renee Swope and her book A Confident Heart…..to amazing  cheerleading sessions from some incredible friends that God has placed in my life through Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies.

And so blessed that God chose me to be His daughter … to be the daughter of the King ….. to be loved unconditionally by my Abba Father !!  I am a daughter of the King of Kings!  And so are you!!!  BELIEVE IT …. CLAIM IT … AND LIVE LIKE IT!!!!

Renee’s book, A Confident Heart was a life and heart changer for me.  If you haven’t read it – please do.  Your heart and life will be changed from the inside out.  God will use it to transform your heart into a heart like His.

And please make sure you visit Renee’s blog this morning.  She is giving away an amazing gift pack that includes a signed copy of A Confident Heart along with a couple of other trinkets.


Comments on: "Excited, Weirded Out & Thankful" (3)

  1. Donna, I always thought you were an “old hat” at this. Love your writing and your spirit.
    Love your heart and your prayers.

    Love in Christ and Blessings,

  2. Libba Phillips Mullins said:

    Hi Donna – Your writing today on Proverbs 31 touched me so deeply and I believe it was quite possibly an answered prayer to my request for ‘something, anything, a book or message by a credible woman who has had every reason NOT to believe that God would come through for her as a result of extreme heartaches and abuse but secretly hopes against all odds and supposed evidence that He will.’ Your Proverbs 31 blog today was that answer for me. I experienced heartbreaking abandonment by my biological father as a little girl and then terrible abuse by my adopted father, and then by my mother’s 3rd husband, my stepfather. As an adult, I reconnected with my biological father who could quote scripture better than any minister – but could not ‘walk the walk’ and subsequently – he walked away from me again when confronted with the truth. I grew up angry, afraid, and so terribly sad and yet….I came to believe in my 30’s – when my younger sister went missing ….that maybe I went through those things ‘with’ God to become uniquely equipped for helping the lost and so called ‘disposable’ people. Today – I am the founder of Outpost for Hope – http://www.outpostforhope.org and my life story can be seen in the Lifetime movie ‘Bringing Ashley Home’…..I do want to believe that this is a ‘calling’ for me but the truth is….I still question God – is He there? Does He care for me? Can I stand on God’s Promises that my life matters and that He has the future of this work (and my desire to make a living while making a difference) in His hands? I felt the stirrings of hope wanting to be restored today Donna as a result of your story…and if I can just hold on to that and continue to look for the ‘evidence’ and then ‘hold on to it’ when it comes – maybe I’ll be where you are right now – no longer doubting, but trusting, and healing. I know I have more work to do when it comes to forgiving the adults of my childhood – but I also know that my heart and soul are in alignment and that being of service to others – is what I am here for.

    Thank you for sharing so authentically and bless you!
    Libba Phillips

  3. Donna, thank you for blessing me with your devotion on P31 today! I had a similar relationship with my father. In the past year he passed away along with my stepmother and my mother. A year of loss that has left me reeling. But God is good and gave me the chance to look into my father’s eyes and tell him that despite our estrangement, I loved him. I always loved him. Even though he couldn’t speak, I truly believe he said the same back to me within his eyes. What a blessing. Today I woke after a long trip back from Ireland. Tired. Sad. Full of anxiety before my day even started. I just needed a hug from God. A reminder that He is with me always and filling my day with blessings if I choose to see them. I made my way to P31 for some of the encouragement that I’ve found on numerous occasions. Your words have started the day with fresh perspective and I so appreciate them. My day is reset and I am ready to live in His light!

    And I am delighted for you as you take these new steps in writing and sharing your testimony! I hope you have a wonderful weekend of joy! In Jesus’ Name, Michelle

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